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How to succeed in PR : 5 tips from (plus 5 more for from me...)

6. Be persistent without being pushy. Nobody likes to be bullied or forced to do anything. You create relationships with respect and trust. They may not cover your material now but what comes around goes around. Build bridges, don’t burn them.

7. If you get turned down for any reason, don’t take it to heart or get mad. Use it as creative inspiration and let it fuel your persistence.

8. Be adventurous and daring. If you think your news should be covered by CNN, find a contact and find a way to get to them. The world is smaller than you think and you may get the coverage your desiring. Never be afraid to shoot for the big dogs.

9. Be strategic. Invision what you would like to happen with a campaign and map it out how you see it. If things don’t go according to plan, you will  at least be able to improvise with ease. 

10. Do it because your heart tells you to do it!

I know you want to drive #traffic to your #Youtube page.... This is how to do it

At this particular time my Youtube page is crap. I’m in the process of reformulating it to create content that I can share. I happen to be checking through and came across this tip. You might want to implement it in your strategy. Props again to the folks at PRDaily.

7 habits of highly successful PR people

7 things journalists wish PR pros knew about pitching

Some of these are rule of thumb but helpful! Get in the know and perfect your craft.

How to pitch a Reuters journalist

Take this tip and run with it.