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Infographic: Inbound Marketing (a good way to understand it)


Thoughts of a Savage (TOAS) w/Kevin Robinson . Co- hosted by FreshMLK aka Me

Had a lot of fun doing this. We have more good ones coming up so please stay tunes. Shouts to everyone listening.

Musicians' Income Can Still Be Huge -- With The Right Brand, Team

No seriously…. Rap Snacks were huge.

Transition Marketing Services: Branding. Aesthetics. Image. What Your Logo Should Say About You


What’s in a logo? (The Value In Good Graphic Design)

What does your logo say about your company? Image Source Here

When developing a brand, image is very important. While a branding campaign consists of far more than just the visual – the visual still plays a key part in…

This is so awesome. Whoever thought of this is a marketing genius. I must get to the bottom of this!


Awesome guerilla marketing campaign for TNT in Belgium, “We know drama.” People passing by a normally boring street encounter a red button that says “push to add drama.” The brave souls who do press it encounter a burst of live television style scenes, from shootings to car crashes right in front of them. Check it out!